Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite (2023)

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The Sonic Core POWER series has been designed and developed to deliver ultimate power and speed for aggressive players. Advanced frame aerodynamics make the rackets ultra manoeuvrable and allows for easy power generation.
The key benefit of the range is POWER.


Endorsed by some of the World’s best players both on the men and women's professional tour, the campaign aims to further reinforce how Dunlop rackets help players bring POWER to their game and performance.

This lighter update to the Revelation Pro features a lighter head balance, making it maneuverable and quick around the court. It's ideal for you if you're an intermediate or advanced player.

  • Headsize: 490 cm2
  • Length: 68.6 cm
  • Construction: Premium Carbon Fibre
  • Frame Weight: Approx. 125 g
  • String pattern: 14 x 19
  • Balance: Head light