Oliver APEX 420

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Champion Edition

The narrow profiled racket with a very high frame stiffness convinces with its playing characteristics, which are required at the highest level for a precise and powerful game.

  • Technology

    Ultra-light and thin layers for more options and weight reduction. Evenly and linearly distributed fibres in the filaments without any curvature. Easy manual and automatic handling, cutting and laying. It makes the racquet extremely powerful, light and reduces vibrations.

    Several heating processes produce particularly high-quality graphite fibres that are much finer in structure than normal graphite. Rackets made from this material are very light and robust.

    High Modulus Graphite is a carbon fibre produced by oxidation of polyacrylonitrile fibres. Graphite is 40% lighter than fibreglass, but is five times stiffer and has twice the tensile strength.




    Material Eplon™+K12
    Gewicht (±g) 110N / 150B
    Balance grip-heavy
    Saite / Empf. Kg SQ-X9 | L12 / 11 Q
    Art. Nr. / EAN 4028067012015
    Target Group